New Sales Manager to lead the BDR team

Posted by Concert Group
7th April, 2015
BDR new sales manager

BDR Voice & Data are proud to unveil Richard Morse as our new Sales Manager.

Richard is an energetic addition to our already lively team and is determined to develop the sales team and grow the sales business at BDR. He has already made several key changes to the team, such as integrating the two sides, allowing them to sell both IT and Telecommunications, thus breaking down walls within the team. Furthermore he has also introduced some extra sales incentives including call out days with the chance to win special prizes for booking the most number of appointments. The team has responded well to this and on our most recent call out day where the prizes were in magic envelopes it became a game of risk that invigorated the sales team throughout the day, especially with the knowledge that some potential trick prizes (making a round of beverages for the team being a prime example) were on offer.

Richard Morse brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience after overseeing exponential growth at Daisy Wholesale and more recently working with Pure Telecom prior to joining the BDR Voice & Data Solutions team.